Sunday, February 25, 2007

Trivia Part II

Here is another set of trivia.
  • How many Presidents has Tamil Nadu produced?

The answer is three. ( Dr. Radhakrishnan, R. Venkatraman and Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. However if the list includes Rajagopalachari, the erst while Governor-General, the answer is four. The highest for any state in India.)

  • Whom did Karunanidhi mockingly reffered to, as the 'Mahavishus of Mount Road'?

The Kasturi family of The Hindu. (apparently they belong to the Iyengar clan).

  • We are quite familiar with the name C N Annadurai? What does the initials stand for?

C is for Conjeevaram, the Anglican name of present day Kanchipuram and N denotes Natarajan, his father. (some other Anglican name includes Tanjore, Trichinopoly, Ooty(which is still in use), Tinellvelly, Ramand and more famous of them of all, Madras).

  • What is common to Sir C V Raman, Dr. Radhakrishnan and C Rajagopalachari?

They were the first recepient of the Bharat Ratna awrds in 1954. ( by coincidence all three had a Tamil origin. It happened once again in 1998, when Abdul Kalam and M Subbulaksmi were given the Bharat Ratna)

  • Who is popularly refered to as the Southern Gandhi?

It is none other than Kamaraj. ( When he died he had less than hundred rupees and a government house to stay).


vatsan said...

wasnt kamaraj also known as karuppu gandhi? more popularly?

Shankar said...

Yes even that is correct. More popularly he was reffered to as Thennattu Gandhi

Reason said...

I thought 'thennattu gandhi' was in a MGR film song referring to Anna.