Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Reservation Ruckus (countinues..)

As mentioned in my previous article, the reservation in present form is a futile exercises of social mis-engineering. At the cost of affirmative action, we are creating a dangerously polarised society. In the long run, a resurgent form of reverse discrimination would be created.
Some of my proposals for a more inclusive reservation package is as follows:
  • Incorporate a clause of creamy layer in the process of identifying the backward masses.
  • Give more importance to economic backwardness parameters.
  • Provision of a slew of financial and non-financial incentives to students of backward community pursuing higher education in Universities and colleges.
  • Private institutions and corporates have a major role in enacting this provision. Taxation benefits, recognition etc. must be based on how good the private entities voluntarily implement the principles of affirmative action.
  • Prune up the school education system to meet the standards of the university system. Give preference to students from rural and public schools students.
  • Gender and disability must be taken into account in the reservation package.
  • Avoid granting reservations for post graduations and doctorates. (Once an individual has benefited from reservation, the individual is on a equal footing with other candidates of his batch. There is no point in extending reservation even for Ph.Ds and promotions.)
  • Appoint a statuary commission to oversee the affirmative action programme and its implementation. Sample surveys must be executed periodically to assess the economic and social status of the caste groups.

Now that we have seen the proposals, how do we go about in implementing them? Certainly caste based labelling of backwardness wouldn't augur well for the country in the long run. Instead we can define it on a fuzzy scale of Most Eligible ,Eligible and Casually Eligible for Affirmative Action. (backwardness has a negative connotation.)

Eligibilty points can be computed , say for a score of 100. An example of a spilt up is shown below, ( can be tailor made to suit the needs of the state)

  1. Caste (max 40 points) (40-SC/ST, 30-MBC, 20-OBC)
  2. Type of schooling( 20 points) ( 20- Govt schools, native medium, 15- Govt. Schools- english medium, 10- Rural private schools)
  3. Geographical backwardness ( 10 points) (based on HDI reports)
  4. Social inequalities.( 20 points) (gender, girls given more preference, physically challenged)
  5. Economic Backwardness (10 points)

To be countinued....

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